Ongoing Projects – March 2019

We believe in keeping ourselves busy here at Gentoo Freight, so we have a number of ongoing projects which we are working on in 2019.

A lorry being unloaded in the desert

Bahrain – one of our key clients is currently working on the installation of a bespoke centre piece for a new shopping mall in Bahrain. So far this has involved shipping both hazardous and non hazardous cargo to Manama as well as coordinating customs clearance, payment of local duties and taxes and onward delivery to site. We are very excited to see this project evolve and hopefully will get pictures to share in later newsletters.

Oman – sometimes we get asked to some unusual things and sending sand to the desert is one of them! However on this occasion we were happy to get involved as it’s the start of a project to install some pools for our penguin friends over there who are in desperate need of new accommodation

Belgium – Having shipped everything to refurbish the Hippo enclosures we are now onto stage 2 .. not sure what animals we are building a new home for this time but they need a lot of cargo so they must be big !!!

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